Ōlelo Cabernet Sauvignon (6)

Not sure who’s buying this, no one has tried it I suppose? Nothing about it on Cellar Tracker, but it got 4 of 5 stars over on Vivino. The description sounds yummy and the price is reasonable since it’s showing up at $18-20/bottle. In for just one to try it since there are no other notes.

If you search for previous sales, you may find them. I searched, I found some notes.

Thanks! I thought I had seen it before. Happy I just bought one, tho.

An excellent wine! Absolutely one of the best Cabernet sauvignon I’ve ever had. The Olelo Merlot is excellent as well. It was specifically developed for the Aulani Disney Hawaiian resort by master sommelier Michael Jordan of Paso Robles, CA who has joined the Jackson family.
It’s smooth with many delicious ingredients.