Ōlelo Paso Robles Merlot (6)

Ōlelo Paso Robles Merlot 6-Pack
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2014 'Ōlelo Merlot, Paso Robles

2014 Olelo Merlot

Color – ruby red, transluscent, but not light

Legs: Long? (NB – someday I will have someone who knows “legs” show me the difference with two different wines)

Lightly meaty nose – some perceptible alcohol or menthol

Taste: Lightly cherry, balanced – not a fruit bomb. Hints of strawberry. (but it is no Boones Farm) Not jammy like a ripe Zin.

Medium Bodied

Not super complex, but not simple either.

Enough acid to cut through, but not super tannic.

Clean finish

Let the last glass sit in the bottle on the counter for two days. Drank it rather than tasted it. Hasn’t lost any of its vibrancy. Same cherry with a hint of strawberry. Little if any alcohol nose.

I would think it is a drink now and for a couple of years kind of wine.

Thanks for the note. And don’t worry too much about legs in a glass of wine. Really not an indicator of anything. Here is a pretty good summation:


Nice notes woop, seems like a nice bottle for a week night.

Anybody else having trouble buying this? I click “buy now”, and get a blank page – it won’t take me to Amazon to check out. Tried it with the balsamic glaze, same issue.

In contrast, no problems with “I want one” on a non-wine Woot tab.

I was able to get both of these items to add to my cart just now. Are you still having issues? If so, is there any error messages, or just the blank page?

I kept having the issue through midday, when I left the office. Not sure what was going on. Just now, I was able to buy, though there was a hiccup – when I clicked to buy on Amazon, it refreshed but left me back on the same page again. This happened a couple of times, but ultimately the sale went through.