Olevia 65” 1080p LCD HDTV



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New Olevia 65" 1080p LCD HDTV, for $2,299.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Olevia 265TFHD (T11 or T12) 65" 1080p LCD HDTV

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I think it had increased resolution over the last one. Maybe?


The link for the “sharp made LCD display” doensen’t work… Whats on shirt.woot?

Too expensive for me.


didnt olevia file for bankruptcy?


Sorry, Woot, we’re all watching our 401ks go down the drain! Can’t afford these giant toys anymore! I want one, though…


The last one was 1080P as well.


Does this come with a house so you can watch it? For what its’ worth, The Great Indoors, the upscale place owned by Sears features the Olevia line next to the Sony’s, and a few other brands. Their 42" LCD’ sets looked good and were competitvely priced at the $900.00 mark or so. Just letting you know…


Well, they sold 813 last time. My guess is they probably picked up 1000.


I’m going to spend more than my car is worth on an electronics item made by a company named “Olevia” which is a company that virtually no one has heard of, and those that have are debating about whether or not is still in business? No thanks woot.


I’ll say it again:
Anybody paying 2300 bucks for a TV ain’t right in the head.
And you’ll sell a ton of 'em this time, too.


…Déjà vu?

This would probably be slightly overkill for my dorm room…


This is a rejected item from the manufacturing line. Check out the defects listed at the bottom of the information. In addition it does not support HDMI/

Though it may be a good set, it is not for the true HD Fan.


I’m going to cry foul at the “1080p TV looks good too” listed under the picture of the TV.

CMIIW, but I’m pretty sure that NO TV stations are broadcasting at 1080p due to the massive amount of bandwidth it consumes. Blu-Ray, PS3 and Xbox do 1080p, but TV channels, not yet.


Wrong. 2 x HDMI.

The “defect list” is the “what’s required to be considered defective list”. I can’t find anything wrong with the one I bought last time.


Very good discussion forum here:



Another “for what it’s worth”, Pricegrabber shows the nearest competitor’s price is ~ $3,600 .

Still, it’s too much. Besides, I went crazy 5 years ago with a 6’ x 8’ front projection screen in my front room. I would have to move out if I asked my dear wife to buy this!! :slight_smile:


about 1/2 the cost that this site is asking:


i own 2 of this brand of tv, (42" and a 26")…great tv’s. the weight of the 65" is the only thing that bothers me.


still haven’t had mine replaced yet… cant believe its on here already… is a beautiful tv tho… check out the last woots blog for all the info on this tv… it is a good buy, even if you do have issues with your initial purchase


lol how much do u think a tv cost?