Olevia 65” 1080p LCD HDTV


Woot Killer??

Wow. If I had that kind of cash to spend today, I’d totally go for it. Nice!

Lunch break!

Im in for 3

woah…bigger than i am tall…

Big, expensive TV’s… mmmmmm in my B O C please!

nothing like an expensive woot to slow things down eh?

I will be back in a hour when these sell out.

Can this be in the bag O carp please???

now that’s a big tv. :slight_smile:


wow thats big!!!

Ohhh 65inch… DOnt know the brand name though.

Isn’t Olevia bankrupted?

Wow, the price for this doesn’t even fit in the page! Hope this one lasts long enough for me to run and get lunch!

olevia? wtf is that.

Please only be one.


Im in for 3!