Oliso Touch & Glide Steam Iron with Auto-Lift

hooray an iron!

WTF it might mess up the graphics on my W00T Tee’s and since thats all i wear



Ah, just in time for the wife’s birthday.

i’m bored.

$35 online with shipping…a deal not

should be $10

$25 bucks and okay reviews on amazon

I got one of these a few wootoff’s ago and it works great. I don’t iron a ton, but it’s been fine when I’ve needed it. I have not had any leak or other issues with it at all.
It’s very nice, especially for the price!

Take one for the team, guys!

I just took 2 for the team. I should get some appreciation for this.

give it up for midwestern ironers!

Cheaper on Amazon

I got this iron on Woot 2 years ago. Great iron, I use it almost daily.

why does it come with a small bucket?

Just how long is a minuet?

No Woot, I will not iron my shirts no matter how much better it makes me look, I am a man and refuse.

$30 and the cord isn’t even retractable?

Actually, it’s the SAME price on Amazon ($25 + $10 shipping), but the reviews are about 50/50 between 5’s and 1’s. A lot of DOAs and “Water spits all over” reviews in the 1s.

baught same iron over a year ago durring a wootoff, used about once a week and still working great