Olivestri Siloro Olio Nuovo

Olivestri Siloro Olio Nuovo
$32.99 $45.00 27% off List Price
Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo, 750ml

someone worked hard on that song write up.

And just when I thought we were going to get a Thursday break, over in plus we have
Cavedoni Balsanico Tradizionale di Modena
Clearly no mercy today.

Yep, same source. Howard is the man in Italy. This is actually one of my favorite offers of the year. Good price for sure. But this is more about access and the benefit of Howard’s curation.


Is this a 2015 vintage oil?

What or where is “plus”?

And what do you do with this oil? It seems quite expensive to use as oil for salads. It’s probably too tasty to use for mayo. You wouldn’t cook with it. So, what do you with it?

This is the same problem with good balsamic: it’s too good to use for salads, so we end up having it around for a year or more, slowly drizzling it on vegetables and maybe cheese. But olive oil seems even less likely to end up on vegetables.

What a world we live in. I’m lying in bed, eyes barely open, ordering olive oil from Italy. Last night I was pouring some of the last drops of last year’s bottle, thinking that this sale might be here today. Why not, after yesterday’s Wellington spend-fest?

This will be here before Xmas, right?


There’s 2 years available at one site - a November - Dec. 2014 harvest and a very recent one. I’d like to know too. 2014 or 2015?

*Frantoio Olivestri Siloro D.O.P. Umbria. There are few better olive oils made than Siloro.

This oil is from the harvest, October-December 2014*

Cool, and yes in time for Christmas.

Side deals on w.w.
It ~was~ here but has ALREADY sold out!

These people are marketing wizards, convincing people that Olive Oil could ever be worth $30 a bottle.
And, if it’s so good, putting it on a salad is a waste - you are going to lose the taste among all of the other flavors.
Maybe dip bread in it? Even then, dipping oil is much better infused with with spices and garlic and there you are hiding the flavor of the oil again.

You’re thinking of inferior olive oil, which arguably is better infused with herbs and garlic. Clearly, you haven’t tried this olive oil on its own, or you would be less likely to state an opinion as if it were fact.

ddeuddeg, not sure I can appreciate this either but I know you and bahwm both cook extensively and make some amazing dishes and meals that folks pay some big bucks to consume; all for a good cause of course.
Help me out a bit. Where would this effectively be used in lieu of a more generic (costco) or other less expensive evoo so it can really show it’s stuff?

And WD, we gonna see any grape seed oil? I missed the oh-dark-thirty flash when it was last up in a woot-off.

Great! Can you confirm that it’s the 2015 harvest? (For people who haven’t bought here before – in past years the offer has been the current year’s pressing, with a beautiful, green color.)

Perfect for drizzling on steamed veg. Salt, pepper, a little oil.

Nothing wrong with dipping bread in it – it doesn’t need other flavoring, it’s got its own wonderful, distinctive flavor. (Or flavour, if you’re in Canada.)

I’ve bought this almost every time it’s been offered in the past & I’m in again if it’s the 2015 harvest.

I never noticed that before. hmm

InFrom made a few suggestions right after your post, the same ones that I would have offered, but bahwm is actually the authority on this. I’ll ping her to post a response for you.
Much as I enjoy this for dipping bread, we’ve almost completely removed bread from our diet, but still managed to use up last year’s supply long ago.

EDIT: She said she’ll post something. Meanwhile, her response to me is as follows:
“Love it. Want it. Cried when we ran out.”