Olivestri Siloro Olio Nuovo


Wow, this was well hidden! Glad I didn’t miss it. I’d thought about giving it a pass this year, but changed my mind after the announcement came out about the imminent demise of wine.woot. I decided I’d get one more, for old times’ sake. And here we are.

Glad I found this hidden as well. This is a phenomenal olive oil. Super fresh and love using it to dip breads. Can’t beat the price with shipping included. Highly recommended and you should pick up a few.

this stuff is amazing.

Love this stuff! Thank you, WD, for bringing this back!

My second bottle, too. The “hidden” Greek olives are also great. Going to try the French sardines and mackerels, too. They are a good price.

Hope Woot will continue to offer the foods.