Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo

Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo
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CONDITION: 750ml New Oil
PRODUCT: 1 Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo

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Casa de Case

I think this is “Oliver’s New Silurian Oil”, but I could be making that up.

I don’t think this will work in your transmission.

Well…the good news is my SSIWBM has begun!

Going to attempt to not purchase anymore wine until our annual Willamette Valley PN trip next fall.

Should have somewhere around 200ish bottles to hold me off until then, so I should be ok. :slight_smile:

This is some damn fantastic olive oil.

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SOOOO in for 3! Seriously, this is awesome tasty olio. Got it last year, savored every drop of my bottle and gifted one which won RAVE reviews from the giftee. This year I’ll gift one and keep TWO for selfish foodie self.
SOOO yum! Now if I’d only remembered to use my birthday coupon before excitedly hitting that big gold button.

EDIT: OMGOMGOMG just realized how awesome this will be with my recent homemade no knead bread habit. My God I wish Woot did air freight options!
Can you tell I’m overly excited? Takes so little to thrill me after wooting off all week hoping for this to show up.

The woot-off continues on the main site. So we may get a detour or three coming our way. Or it could start back up here at noon tomorrow!

I have been waiting for a year for this to come up and it happens to be when I have one foot out the door and one TSA agent’s hand on my crotch because I’m going to Brazil for a month. For those who have had this, will it still be nuovo around mid January? Is it worth buying if I can’t open the bottle until then?

Barely made it on the Howell Mt.

Shall we start a betting pool? I put the over/under at December 23, 2010.

IMHO, absolutely worth it, mbmanaus. Should be fine until then as long as whoever receives it for you doesn’t snarf it down first. Last year they said it would be at peak for about 2 months if I remember correctly.
Fly safe, enjoy the cheap thrill of TSA groping, and enjoy summer down south!

This is incredibly expensive though. Can et a litre of lovely oil in Silverlake cheese shop for $20ish and it’s lovely. Or a bottle this size at TJ’s of decent wuality for inder $15… (the basic stufff coming in at $3.50)

How much better is this really?

I would take that, but you can’t monitor my away from woot purchases!

I’m not too worried about it…when SWMBO sees the CC bill I’ll either be dead or it will be shredded! :slight_smile:

Before serving this oil, you’ll want to give the bottle a bit of a shake so as to suspend the luxurious olive sediment in order to garner the most intense flavor… you will have to use the bottle up in a week or so due to rapid oxidation once opened…

Thanks, that’s all I needed to hear!

Buy. Just do it

No offense, but isn’t that like asking why one would buy the Cornison when KR Ramsay is $10/bottle? If this was wine, you’d be the one saying, “your palate is better than you give it credit for… you will taste the difference.”

That said, it’s more than I’m willing to spend. I view it as one more expensive hobby to avoid…

Credit card bills can be hidden. Where are you going to pile all of the boxes?