Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo

Is this organic and first cold pressed or cold pressed? I assume yes given the price and rave reviews.

I won’t be held accountable if you turn out not to agree, but for me, this stuff is an autobuy. It’ll be fabulous with the absurdly expensive vinegar they are bound to put up soon, too. (You are, right guys? Cuz I need my fix.)

The fresh, grassy flavor is amazing. It is also an amusing color of neon green.

It is best within the first couple of months, but will still be very, very good later.

I am now spoiled for all other olive oils.

Prof. Steve Holzinger’s Olive Oil Recipes

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Olive Oil Recipes at DaVero

None taken: you’re absolutely right, and I asked it for a reason! I want someone to describe to me the flavours, the nuances, the differences of this oil to my $4 basic olive oil or $15 premium olive oil, just as someone might describe Corison by the nose, palate, length and other taste descriptors. And then there’s the production values: what in the growing makes this superior? what are the soil conditions, weather and olive varieties used!? What quality control of theirs is better? Is it the quick or single pressing? Are there other techniques which give a different taste?

Here we analyse taste, aesthetics and production, both with our tongues and with our minds! We ought to exted this to something as complex as a good olive oil too. I want to be converted!

Hey woot! any chance we will get to see the Cavedoni Botte Piccola this Gift Week?.. just askin’, 'cuz it pairs well with this oil…

Well, then, you might want to read this, which I found through the magic of Google.

given the wootoff’s still going over on green, what are the chances wine.woot is back to the 12-hour gift week turnaround? High, I’d say, so you may be in luck.

lovely, thanks! Of course, they’re biased and we’ll have to find some more impartial understandings. Hoping we have some experts here :slight_smile:

I oversee the money, but she pays the bills. So she’ll notice before the boxes even get here.

Alas. So while you’re on the street, she’ll be opening and drinking your wine? That’s harsh.

Nah, she’s not rash enough to kick me out or anything…but there will be monetary limits put in place to make sure I can’t spend enough at one time to buy a bottle of wine lol.

Bought 3 last year. Awesome stuff. Just finished mynlast bottle thus week. Ready for a new fresh batch!

No offense to the oil, which I’m sure is quite tasty and versatile, but…

Those lyrics were supposed to go along to the tune of “I’m Paranoid,” right?

I hope so… I’m wanting that one again also… And just ordered this oil…
I’m not able to describe detailed palate characteristics … but both are awesome.
I like oil and vinegar on my salads and might as well use quality there. This oil is very green color, tasty enough to drink by the spoon… green apple hint and peppery aftertaste. There may be local places to get something equivalent, but I haven’t really tried.

This link seems to be a good unbiased description of Olive Oils…

I know I’m being Captain Obvious here, but why not just buy her something really nice? That usually goes a long way.

Ha - I thought it was Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U.”

Yeah, it’s a fine line because we share money, it will in essence just be spending more money. She’s quite practical like that.

I am however attempting to devise a scheme to get her the car she’s been wanting a while for x-mas…sort of like those luxury car commercials, cept w/o the luxury lol…

At the rate I use olive oil I could never afford this . . . I’m going to have to stick to three-liter cans. Congratulations to those of you who are either very well off, or don’t truly love olive oil enough for it to make a difference!

a heist?

This seems unbiased. Or at least not a wholesaler, retailer, or grower.

Cost seems to be a function of haste (needs to be sold and consumed within 3 months) and rarity (seems to require careful selection of olives, and only the first pressing). It also appears that this stuff is to regular olive oil as 30-year old old-world Cabernet is to “Hearty Burgundy.” It seems you don’t really want to cook with this, but instead eat a lot of bread and salad, because it’s going to turn rancid by March or April.