Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo



Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo


Delicious olive oil. Absolutely wonderful.


Ill give it a go:)


** *“The olives are picked by hand within 24 hours of being crushed…” ** *

That’s some feat. Almost makes it worth it.


If I’m gonna spend close to 40 bucks, I would rather something I can get drunk on. I’m sure this is fantastic olive oil, but a little pricey.


You will not be disappointed . . . now bring on the balsamic to go with it!!!


Is this first press? It’s usually stated.


This is basically a store price. More wine please unless you going to offer this at a great price in another section.


Maybe the olives are crushed while they’re still on the trees, which would explain why this is so expensive!


$34.99 + 5.00 shipping = $39.99
$40.00 regular price = 0.025% discount. Yippee!! :slight_smile:


This stuff is fantastic, just don’t ever cook with it. Just drizzle on bread, cheese, olives, salads, anything where you want a little extra deliciousness.


Even if you get combined shipping it is still a very weak woot. The price not woot worthy!!!


Quite sure I’ll be vilified for this, but I am just as happy with the $18 Ltd Rsrv from right here in the good ole USA. CA puts out some decent first pressing oil as well.


I’m with you at the risk of being called crude. I will work my beef with a mixture that includes maze. I would call it corn oil but since we are talking big money stuff maze sounds better. But, with the money I save and a little more added to it while I am feasting on my kitchen labors I will enjoy a glass or three or maybe four of, Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is all about setting your own personal priorities. :slight_smile:


From the feature description: The olives are picked by hand within 24 hours of being crushed, insuring only fresh undamaged fruit is used.

I imagine the picking is quite a bit easier once the fruit is crushed. However, that would seem to run counter to the latter claim of the fruit being undamaged, no??