OLIXIS Ergonomic Home Office Gaming Chair (Open Box)

OLIXIS Ergonomic Home Office Gaming Chair (Open Box)

@ThunderThighs @peaceetc I am missing most of the screws for this item. What is the company website? I have not been able to locate anything so far.

Can someone help? (I know understand it is an open box item.)

I’m not finding a site either.

If you can find screws that fit, you can send a receipt to CS to be reimbursed. If not, probably best to return. :frowning:

Oddly enough, I think my old chair looks a lot like this new one. Let me try some of those screws and see.


If it does, still reach out to CS for some compensation for your trouble. :slight_smile:

Ok, going by one blurry review photo:

I think eBay might have what you need.


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@ThunderThighs @pepper114

Update: the old chair screws don’t fit all the way, the thread is slightly off. I ordered the ones from eBay and hopefully by next Friday they should arrive. Fingers cross that this work.

Thanks for the help!

(I had four good screws that I used for the back and used the old screws for the arm rest. At the very least I will only have worry about the armrest and not falling backwards. :joy:)