OlyKraut Pickle & Sauerkraut Sampler (6)

OlyKraut Gourmet Pickles and Sauerkraut 6-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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(1) - Olykraut Pickled Cranberries, 16 oz. Jar
(1) - Olykraut Sour Pickles, 11 oz. Jar
(1) - Olykraut Smoke & Kale, 16 oz. Jar
(1) - Olykraut Spicy Garlic, 16 oz. Jar
(1) - Olykraut Eastern European, 16 oz. Jar
(1) - Olykraut Curry, 16 oz. Jar

This is tempting, just a bit outside my budget right now… Good choice, Woot.

This is quality stuff. Question- what’s the difference between Kimchi and kraut?

I started eating this out of the jar. It’s tasty and good for my gut.

Garlic and hot pepper would be the main difference. Actually kimchi is made from many other vegetables too but the cabbage kimchi is the one most people are familiar with.

My daughter lives in Olympia and I buy a jar or two of their pickles or kraut every time I visit her. This stuff is delicious.

They are very similar, but kimchi has a shorter process time than sauerkraut. Kimchi’s liquid is often carbonated (at least when it’s really fresh).

There is a procession of three different microorganisms fermenting sauerkraut. The last is very similar to sourdough bacteria. Each makes the brine more acidic until it can no longer survive.

Kimchi seems to be the product of only the first two microorganisms.

Here’s more information than you ever wanted to know… https://web.archive.org/web/20161027045258/http://www.jlindquist.net/generalmicro/324sauerkraut.html

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Love this info! thanks!!