Olympia 3Pc Santa Fe Spinner Luggage - 4 Colors

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Olympia 3Pc Santa Fe Spinner Luggage - 4 Colors
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Tron luggage!!!

5 stars at Overstock

Good luck fitting it onto your Lightcycle. They’re just not compatible, despite the decor. :frowning:

I know! Amazing. I wish I needed luggage.

Unfortunately there are only 2 reviews for this set. But hopefully both of them are truthful!

The Santa Fe Spinner and the Lindy Hop are my two favorite dances.

Hard to trust Overstock reviews - I used to think nothing of it, until I tried to submit a review for a game table that fell apart after 2 months of use. The review never showed up! I asked a friend to submit a positive review for the exact item and her review showed up 2 days later!

There are two very similar products on sale at Amazon, with a few more reviews.


It’s hard to say if they are the same or not–they look the same, and the colors match, but they have different city names. The list price is also the same. They are basically positive reviews.

One benefit of owning hideous luggage is that it’ll be far easier to identify it at the airport.

I had to check the discussion to make sure SOMEONE mentioned that…

Do any of these pieces have luggage hooks?

I’ve never met anyone with 4-wheeled luggage that moved beyond snail’s pace in the airport.

My oldest brother had a job that entailed traveling the country to roll out a new promotion.

He always put a frilly pink ribbon on his luggage handles. He said it was like watching people getting shocked or tazed the way traveler’s hands would recoil from touching his luggage handles.

heh heh.

Does anyone actually OWN these? I really need a modern set of luggage, but after following jborourke’s link, the brand itself is not well liked by amazon customers. Since I’ve had my old AT luggage for over 20 years (including a 2 yr stint traveling for work) I need to feel like this is going to last. I do like the look of these pockets. My luggage was made before pockets were invented…

The Tron piping puts me off, but I too like the insides.

meh. You could do worse. I say go for it.

Do these have TSA locks?

The TSA is the least of your worries my friend:


This is why I just take our family submarine everywhere when traveling…I hope TT is not claustrophobic.


This set receives a 4.8 rating based on 4 reviews at ebags:

  • 5 star reviews (2) at wayfair:


Comments all have good things to say too.