Olympia Hamburg 3-PC Luggage Set

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Olympia Hamburg 3-PC Luggage Set
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 24 to Tuesday, Aug 25) + transit
Condition: New


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$119 + tax on Groupon
(though Groupon kinda sucks.)

Where do they get these “list prices?” Most places say list price for this luggage is $600, woot says it’s $480, but there is no place that wants me to pay more than $200. If I buy this, my savings is not 78%, it’s 50%, tops.

For us, our vendor supply the list prices. Let’s face it, they’re pretty much a made up number by the manufacturers.

Where is this made? China? USA? I don’t see that information in the stats so I would like to ask. Thanks!

You’re exactly right! http://bit.ly/1PpYQWh shows exactly what you’re saying. Per my Google search, this is not a pricey purchase at all.

This looks very similar to the Travel Pro set I bought on Woot a few months ago. Same Ocean Blue color, design looks nearly the same. Of course, that set only came with 2 bags and those were 4 wheel spinners, but has to be same manufacturer…

My wife loves them, and I got matching color faux-vintage Pan-Am luggage tags…

no spinner wheels? odd

Spinner wheels are for tourists who don’t know any better. Have you ever seen a flight attendant or pilot with a spinner case?

I’m a 100,000 miles per year road warrior and would not consider spinner wheels (nor the bling-y wheels that are at the far corners of the suitcase for that matter). No matter the quality/price of your case, sooner or later, you’ll have to check your bag, and sooner or later it will come back with one spinner wheel missing.

I think the “case” for spinner wheels is that they’re easier to pull? If that’s the case, then you don’t know how to pull a case right. With one like this, you balance it at the wheel, so that you’re not lifting any weight, just pulling it. If you habitually put your laptop on top of the bag, then you’re lifting it - sling it to the front of the bag, and you’re in business.

Also, spinners are quite unforgiving of a surface less smooth than airport terrazzo. Try taking a spinner for a spin on sidewalk in any Asian city that is permanently under construction…

This bag has the “right” kind of wheels for me - inset from the corners of the case - they are difficult to damage in that location. Also, being larger than spinner wheels, they’re more forgiving of abuse and rough surfaces.

I am assuming it is made in the USA due to this information –

Well I guess I don’t know any better, we should all be as wonderful and seasoned world wide traveler as you, me? I make a few trips a year a really like the spinners, and have had no problems. but hey what do I know next to such an expert as you.

edit Oh… I check my bag every time, never had a problem. but what do I know?

do you think the smallest bag will fit under the seat in front of me?

No. The smallest bag is carry-on size (14" x 9" x 22"). A personal item fits under the seat in front of you (15" x 7" x 16").

I wouldn’t consider Amazon prices as any benchmark, since they own Woot. It would, hypothetically, be easy to mark prices up or down, depending on if a particular item is being sold on Amazon on any certain day.

With that said, does anyone know anything about this brand of luggage? I couldn’t find much with a quick Google search. Would like to know if this is a study, well-made set.

Just got mine today, it was made in China.