Olympia Provisions Cotechino

Olympia Provisions Cotechino

Just making sure I’m not missing something… It’s essentially summer sausage for 26 dollars a pound?

From the Olympia Provisions website:

“Cotechino is known for its unique texture (slightly “sticky” from skin), big flavors (cinnamon, clove, and cayenne), and good luck. The tradition comes from the Emilian-Romagna region of Italy, where they believe that the more coin-shaped Cotechino and lentils you eat on New Year’s Day, the more luck and wealth you will have in your next year.”

Doesn’t sound like any summer sausage I’ve ever tasted before… and since the price here on Woot! gets you two instead of one, it’s a better deal than ordering from the company’s own website, if you need Cotechino for your New Year’s meal plan…

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The shipping information says “Estimated delivery Jan 15 - Jan 21”, but the Features description says “Will arrive by New Years”, and also points out that it’s traditional to serve cotechino on New Year’s Day.

Will this be received by New Year’s Day?

Sorry for the late answer. Our estimated ship dates are hard coded so we can’t change them but yes, the vendor has guaranteed it will arrive by New Years barring any weather/delivery related issues.