Olympia Provisions Salami

Olympia Provisions Salami

Most expensive stick of salami I’ve ever seen.

Also, the “visit their website” link doesn’t work.


$39.95 for 16.8 oz of salami? I don’t know what those guys are smoking, but if we all had some the world would be far more enjoyable. This stuff would have to be 50% French goose liver & 5% black truffle to be worth that price. Either that or they are paying someone to sit and watch it as it ages?

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Do you wander into a Bentley dealership and scream about how cheap you can get a Corolla for?


The manufacturer’s website offers both these items for $12. Times 4 that is $48, not $56 as the list price. Maybe the list price includes an Amazon mark up.

[MOD: As always, remember to factor in shipping costs.]

Groan. Seriously?
I do from time to time wander thereabouts and thereneighs, and I meet no-one as you describe.
But what’s the analogy you have in mind?

looks like olympia offers free shipping only after $50. ive seen woot include the shipping as part of their price, probably that’s whats going on here. olympia ships 2 day fedex in styrofoam/cooled package.

I’ve gotten this brand of dry sausage before, from a local shop. We’ve enjoyed it, sliced thinly as part of a cheese board (or charcuterie plate if you’re fancy). Yes the going price is $12 - $14 each, so IMHO this is a good deal.
I don’t recall which varieties we’ve tried. But in general the sausage has a coarsely ground texture with a good amount of fat. The sausage has been dry aged, so it’s got a bit of funk, but in a good way. We generally go through half to 2/3 of a stick for 4 people, it’s very rich and a little bit goes a long way. You’re definitely going to want to slice it thinly, or it’s probably going to be unpleasant to eat.


For that price I think Woot should change their name to something english like Woot & Penrose purveyors of fine culinary delights for 1 percenters.

I live in the Portland Oregon area and this is a very well-regarded local artisan food producer (they go by “American Charcuterie”) and also has several restaurants. This is very high-end stuff. It is not “salami” in the Oscar-meyer sense of the word. Agreeing with StarKnightGoku here – Same as a Betley or Aston-Martin isn’t really a “car.” Well, it is a car, but you know what I mean.
(BTW I just saw a TV ad to “lease” an Aston Martin for “only $1799 a month!”) – yeah, that’s some car lease. And after a few years of that, you don’t even get to own the car. That’s not really a car. Well it is a car… anyway…

This is the Aston-Martin of salami. Unlike the car lease, you actually get to own it. Until you eat it, I suppose.

Honestly I like a “deal” too;I sometimes I’m lucky enough to find is this company’s products, marked down to 1/2-price at a local grocery store which has them in the deli area. They mark it down because it’s the near the “sell by” date, but this is preserved salami – you actually don’t even need to refrigerate it until you cut it. (this was the history from long before there was refrigeration – this is how you preserved meats). So the sell-be date really doesn’t matter and just means a better deal. But I don’t find that very often.

Agreeing with Fishtown, this is something you’d slice thinly and serve at some sort of holiday event along with nice cheeses and good breads.

Website link to salami collection page. You can order “The Whole Shebang” for $1165. And then go lease that Aston-Martin.


In for three. This is a good price for some of the best charcuterie currently being made in the US. Anything under $10 per stick is a decent price. As others have stated, slice thin, eat at room temperature, preferable with some good cheese. In this case you definitely get what you pay for.


torturegarden, agree fully. Except about your user name, that’s kind-of creepy…

Very good point about serving at room temp. Many people don’t realize that because we’re used to eating mass-produced “cold cuts” which have little flavor but usually plenty of salt to make up for it. Temp doesn’t really matter for that, um, crap. In fact, like a cheap wine, cold is probably better because you can just consume the product without tasting it.

For a salami like this, or a good cheese, it’s important to be at (or at least warming up towards) room temp when you serve it. Don’t believe the bacteriophobes who tell you that any food left unrefrigerated for 30 minutes must be thrown out – the exact opposite is true for charcuterie and cheeses. (disclaimer: don’t apply that rule to all things, of course, be sensible).

Cheese and charcuterie have existed for thousands of years; we only had refrigeration for the last 100 or so. One main reason for cheese and charcuterie was to preserve the raw products (milk and meat) in a way that could be stored and consumed over the winter or other lean times. Same is true of a prosciutto ham, or things like what we now call “jerky.”

The whole idea of “provisions” as in the name of this company, was things you could take with you on your journey into the woods for weeks at a time, that would last in your bag or the pack on your mule.


The link works now. Thanks for letting us know.

Exactly. This is the salami to end all salamis. AMAZING STUFF. I would buy this package but I am local to the company and we can buy it at about that price in town. They are totally worth the price.

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Worst thing about this whole deal is I saw “The Whole Shebang” combo for $1165 and I’m thinking I should order it this Winter for me and a group of friends. If I didn’t know it existed, I wouldn’t want it. Now mebbe I do?

Also another Aston-Martin ad, this time $2499/mo. I guess it’s a better model than the $1799 one. Honestly I’d rather have the 1/2-hog to share with my friends, than a silly expensive car lease.

torturegarden, pmarin - I’m glad I listened to you. This is very good stuff.