Olympia Titan 2 PC Set (Your Choice)

What the hell I just bought this like two weeks ago for like $80 from woot. Is there a price guarantee?

why do the wheels in the second photo look quite different. When searched elsewhere online, this luggage has wheels like in the second photo. But most of the pics in this sale show much larger, weaker looking wheels. Considering one of the main issues with luggage like these are “wheel issue” related… perhaps these are of older pre-remodeled stock?

But even so, at this price, I’m in for a set. I was just clarifying the wheels…

(rereads post… could I write “wheels” any more!?.. guess I could… wheels wheels wheels)

Me too! I ordered 3 sets of these two weeks ago. I would like to know if there is a price guarantee as well?!?

You’re welcome to email support@woot.com with your order info; CS can check into any available options.

Thank you Woot for the credit! You guys are awesome!

when will you have this item again?Every time I go to purchase this iteme ,you are sold out.Please if you can send me an email so I can be ready to purchase.

If you sign up for an account at WootStalker, you can edit your profile to set up alerts for when this item goes on sale.

I purchased a set and the specs say they are fully expandable. Mine are not ??

Hmm. Sorry about that. Have you reached out to Olympia? This luggage has a 10yr warranty with them.

If you need any extra assistance, please email support@woot.com with your order info and issue; CS can check into your account and options.