Olympus 14MP Digital Camera



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Olympus 14MP Digital Camera
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Can anyone comment on shutter speed?


Wow! This is a great price on a nice little camera. Sure, it’s not a full DSLR, but I have taken some better pictures with my little Olypus than with my full kit of Nikon gear–and I don’t worry about dropping an $80 camera overboard, or having it stolen, and it’s much more portable. If you don’t have one of these, and you like to take pictures, you need one.


Don’t know much except the award winning photographer I’m taking a class from uses Olympus cameras. He said they’re right up there with Nikon and Canon.


1/2000 sec. –1/2 sec. (up to 4 sec. in Candle Scene mode)


Yes, but I mean real experience with the camera. The camera I have now advertised 1/4 sec, but it is much slower most of the time. Very aggravating (a Nikon) when trying to take a quick picture, especially immediately after the camera is turned on - has a very slow start up time.


Well, if you want that kind of fine control over every aspect of your shooting, then this is not the camera for that job. That is why you have a full DSLR kit. :wink:

THIS camera allows you some control, but really shines in AUTO mode. If you play to its strengths, you can get some amazing shots. If you insist on eeking out every iota of control possible, you will just become frustrated with it. Think of it as a snapshot camera, but with great quality. Good optics, decent chip.


ckeilah responded with the real world shutter speeds. I think you’re looking for the “how-long-does-it-take-from-when-I-push-the-buttun-til-when-it-actually-takes-the-picture” speed, which is different. (Shutter speed actually being the amount of time the shutter is open while taking the picture).

Sorry I couldnt be more helpful.


@Metilhed - you’re right, that’s basically what I’m looking for. Not an uber camera geek :slight_smile:

Not looking for lots of control, just want a camera that takes quick shots - or really, one that takes shots at the advertised speed. My old Sony Cybershot was fantastic, but alas after 7 years it didn’t survive a trip to the beach/sand. So looking for someone who has this particular model and how they feel about the shutter speed (or what I meant when I say that), particularly the “from off to first shot” speed and how long it takes for the zoom functionality to load.

My Nikon currently takes about 3 seconds from off to turn on and boot up to take a zoomed picture. My Sony used to boot up all functionality instantly - I didn’t realize I was taking that for granted when I had that camera :confused:


BTW, this camera is $93.30 on Amazon w/ 3.5/5 stars.


Does anyone have any experience with how well it handles simple video recording?


So you’d want to look at things like shutter lag (how long it takes from pressing the shutter until the picture is taken), autofocus speed (if it takes a long time to focus that will slow down your process), and how long it takes to boot up. Take a look at the reviews over at dpreview.com (the forums are utterly useless).


And, yes, Olympus made some very nice kit back in the day. They’ve since abandoned the DSLR market (and thus the pro and high-end hobbyist markets for the most part). AFAIK they still make some slick interchangeable-lens cameras (not DSLRs)… but the quality of point-and-shoot cameras is not something that can easily be predicted by the quality of a company’s higher end gear. Nikon makes great DSLRs, and very average point-and-shoots.


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It’s almost instantaneous.

I love mine. It takes great pictures and does what it was meant to do. It takes some excellent macro shots too. Video is 720p - nothing to write home about but it will do the trick when you need it.

This is my second Olympus because my sister has requisitioned my older one.


no woot off this month?


What is the battery life like? I really like the idea of a camera that takes AA’s that you can pick up anywhere but I would consider rechargeables if they last for a reasonable number of shots.


Wait! It’s July already? Where has time gone!


All right, I Wooted. I think it’s time for an upgrade. Very excited to see what this can do! It should leave my current camera in the dust!

I’d imagine I can just use my iPod power brick to charge via the USB, right?


Anyone know how this does in low light conditions? (For example, indoors.)

I know there was a night video posted but a raging inferno at night, while interesting to see, isn’t quite the example I’m looking for. hehe