Olympus 14MP Digital Camera

Not that great a deal… amazon price for one, shipped, is only $6 more.

[MOD: The sales on Amazon from recognized retailers are in the $90s with one color over $100. (TT)]

Sorry I haven’t been able to help, work’s even worse. I only have time for 1 tonight, and I missed a few days. There are two reasons to post real quick:
First, previous woot I believe was $79.99, too:

with slightly edited comment from then that I posted:

First: previous woot in February was $99.99, $20 more, then dropped to $94.99 during the sale

and my two posts then:

Finally, for all of the criticism of woot 2.0, etc. (and I’m not saying I like all of the changes), let me say one positive thing about the Amazon/2.0. The last two woots have arrived faster than any of my previous woots by at least a few days, and I think that has EVERYTHING to do with Amazon.

Off soapbox, now, not sure when I can post next, but I wanted to say thanks to TT and y’all at Woot.

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Here it was just over 2 weeks ago over at woot proper

I have am Olympus DSLR 8MP camera I got 6 years ago and it’s still taking amazing photos. It was about 900 dollars at the time, but this comment is more to attest to olympus’ quality in general.

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Thanks for stopping by WhatsamattaU. Just wanted to let you know this is woot 4.0 we’re on. And All my woots have been arriving super fast. I’m so spoiled it kills me when I have to wait 2 weeks for my BOC

I was trying to find my comments from last time I realized I was on vacation. Managed to dig up a manual for you though.

Here is the manual for your viewing pleasure

As usual you had to download it to view it from Olympus so I downloaded it and uploaded it to my Google Documents page

Aw, if I knew it would be back this fast, I would have waited to get the color I wanted.

Haven’t gotten to use it much yet, but so far the one irritating thing is you apparently cannot zoom in or out while recording video.

I mean, seriously, my camcorder could do that in the 80’s what’s up with that?

While I’m at it, does anyone know what “combined screennail (VGA)” actually means? My search-fu failed me the day I bought it and it failed me again today.

Sounds like the photo is stitched together from pieces or something. Or the compression is in blocks, maybe?

I bought this camera when they had it up like 2 weeks ago. EXTREMELY SLOW SHUTTER SPEED. If ANYTHING is moving, the entire picture is blurry… on every setting. I went to Boston Aquarium and every picture I took inside (I tried every different setting) came out like crap. The ones I took outside though are gorgeous. Figured I should issue a warning, if something’s too good to be true it probably is.

Please don’t take this as an insult, but, like many others, you need to learn the basics of photography. I teach digital camera use and wrote a book on the subject. Little digitals usually have a lens that only opens to f/5.6…a very small aperture or “hole.” In anything but outside light, this forces the camera to select a slow shutter speed to make up for the lack of light coming in the camera.

If you take the camera off “decision free” you MAY be able to increase the ISO to make the camera more sensitive, but even this will not do a lot indoors in low light - especially if you are trying to capture sports action.

In short, you did not buy the right camera for the kind of photos you are taking. Trust me, you are not alone. As I say in my book, the laws of physics have not changed just because you went from film to digital.

Got this camera about 2 weeks ago when it was a WOOT for the same price. Haven’t been able to do a lot with it, but so far it has been terrific. Great snapshots, great telescopic shots. Having a little difficulty understanding all the options on the screen (I’m no photo geek, unfortunately), but I’ll get it eventually.
I have a great 7 year-old Sony camera that is larger, but a pain to carry everywhere I go when cruising and exploring ports, so this new, significantly smaller, camera will be great.
Only have purchased 2 WOOTS so far but love the format and the service so far. Thank you.

anyone know how well this camera works with apple products such as Mac mini or iPad 3 ???

I believe manufacturers do that when zooming would create too much noise. I’ve got the same situation with one camera, and another that does zoom and IS too noisy. Probably the size prohibits isolating the zoom mechanisms from the body in such a way that no vibrations are carried.

I got this camera recently, for only a bit more than the price on offer.
I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a pocket point and shoot with a useful 12.5x optical zoom. During early morning walks with my dog, I can take quick and easy snaps of birds in the park. The camera is very plug n play.
The picture quality is good.
I am not as happy with the macro as the zoom, but overall the camera is grand.

I received the camera last Friday. Took a few pictures in different settings, Definitely worth the price.

I’ve made a video with my VR-320.
There are STILL pictures in 14M.
The first video in the garden is in VGA.
Second video at a cross street is in 720P.