Olympus 14MP Digital Camera

Here are some sample shots taken with this camera

here are some pictures I have taken with this camera.

I really enjoyed this camera, very easy to use.

Manufacture’s website: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/product.asp?product=1537

Reviews on Amazon are mixed. Anyone have personal experience with the camera? Looking to buy another one since I lost my canon Powershot while traveling :frowning:

Anyone know if it has a dedicated video record button? It looks like that is what the red button on the back is for.

Good details here:

I’ll answer my own question…It does have a one touch button for recording video, as found on reviews. This is looking very tempting…

also good info:

Hey, I found a Canon while traveling. You could put a bigger memory in it.

Wow, who would have thought that a $69 camera would have optical stabilization?

My biggest criticism of this camera is the video capabilities.

  • Only 720p, not 1080p
  • Monaural sound, not stereo
  • Only digital zoom is available if you want to record sound. If you want optical zoom, you’ll need to turn the mike off. Who the heck designed that???
  • No ability to pause while recording
  • And worst, it uses Motion JPEG (MJPG) instead of more efficient H.264 compression. Compared to MJPG, H.264 can record 4x as much video in the same amount of space at the same quality.

User manual

A question for those that have one, how long does it take to recharge the battery?

This is in the price range to replace a friends old digital cam, but they were using the AA powered ones to avoid dead batteries and having to wait for a charge.

I bought this when it was featured a few weeks ago. I have had a couple Canons, a couple Fujis, and a couple Casios. I have been on a search for a camera that can take good, clear close up pictures. I have found it in this camera. I love it! I use it with the Eye-Fi Card I bought here at Woot and it is a great pairing!

Hi! You seem pretty knowledgable about cameras and definitely brought up some good points.
Considering your comments - what would you recommend? Say in the $80 - $200 price range. Or is that still not very realistic?
I’m not picky but I would like a decent camera without a bunch of unnecessary ad-on crap. Just the important stuff… Like what YOU said! Oh and a good zoom. :-]

I’m looking too, and this was recommended by a photog geek/friend as a good buy. Read Randys july 10 review.


About the mic being shut off while zooming in movie mode; this is done because while optically zooming, the noise the motor makes overwhelms the rest of the audio…

I prefer Canon digital camera, but this Olympus camera is quite cheap

Hey Woot, I’ve got a comment on camera deals generally. Could you front-page something besides the megapixels? Because the cameras you have on sale are ALL 14MP or thereabouts these days. “Olympus 14MP Digital Camera” might as well just say “Camera.”

Optical zoom seems to vary considerably between different digital cameras. You could frontpage that instead. Or find some other quality that varies between cameras.