OM Audio INEARPEACE In-ear Headphone

These have a very good reason review at Audioholics:

I’ve never seen IEM’s sporting dual drivers at this price point. Don’t monkey around and let these slip by.

This seem dang cheap for them to not be a referb. Reading all the reviews, these seem like a steal. Lets hope they last till Friday.

OM? With a symbol?

Do they make Bollywood movies sound better?

If they die under warranty, do they come back again?

Will you be kicked out of parochial school for wearing them?

If you miss out on them and they sell out before you order, is it your Karma?

(I new my Religious Studies major would come in hand some day!)

Inline mic and earbuds for APPLE? Does this mean it doesn’t employ a 3.5 mm earphone plug? The specs seem to suggest it does, but of course there’s no photo showing THAT part of the item, just endless closeups of the earbud part.

Here is a very detailed review:

This made it a very easy decision to buy. I’m also going to grab some Ultimate Ears replacement ear bud tips, as some people complain the tips that come with these are not the most comfortable.

read reviews, and at this price this is a steal…

Can anyone confirm if these have a 3-button remote? I need to know if the remote will control the volume and play/pause. Thank you.

Anyone know how tough the cables are? Practically all the earbuds I had eventually broke due to the connector to the plug. Flat wire implies that they took wiring seriously, but then if they skimped on reinforcements, the cable will give away sooner or later.

from their owners manual, it only has 1 button. 1 press to play/pause/talk/hangoup, 2 press for next song, 3 press forr prev song.

Thank you!

The Mic and remote only work for Apple products

The headphones will work with any product, but the mic and remote only work with Apple products.

[UPDATE: It is not a 3-button remote. It is a one-button remote.]

A boatload of them seem to be going out the door, with no sign of being sold out. Are these being discontinued and the mfg dumping inventory? I don’t see a replacement model being introduced. Maybe the mfg is moving in the direction of floating bluetooth speakers?

Also, are there strain reliefs coming out of the 3.5mm plug? No strain relief and flat cables, I am not sure what will happen there.

I need another set of IEMs like I need a hole in my head. Ordered a pair, anyway. These have a good reputation and the price is right. Damn you, woot!

Just to be clear, the volume can be adjusted with the remote for apple products?

I made a mistake in my earlier post. It is not a 3-button remote. It is a one-button remote.

Thank you for confirming TT. I was about to buy these assuming I could do that and would have been a little upset when I received it with no volume control… :slight_smile: