OM Audio INEARPEACE In-ear Headphone

I purchased the OM Audio INEARPEACE In-ear Headphone with Inline Mic and Remote for Apple last time they were offered…


  • Uncomfortable - comes with a bunch of optional cushions, none work for me
  • remote is play/pause and fast forward, NO VOLUME :frowning:

The flat cord is nice. I should have known better than to purchase them.

I bought these last time. Fit is fine, too bad I can’t stick it really deep in the canal, I guess these aren’t designed like the earphones that has triple flange ear plugs. Sound is decent. Seems like upper mid is accentuated, with voice being on the verge of having sibilance, but not quite. Upper treble has a sense of sparkle, it might be too much treble, but that’s how I remember it when I was much younger and had better hearing.

As for volume control, it was never mentioned that it controls the volume.

Bought these last time around. 5/5 stars! These are really fantastic.

1-button remote: Yes, this is a typical 1-button remote. It’s universal, works on Android and iOS.

Flat cord: Really nice

Comfort: Good but not great. Get some foam ear tips and you’ll be VERY happy. The silicone it comes with aren’t that great though. More comfortable than AKG’s, less comfortable than Klipsche

Sound quality: 9/10. The dual driver design is really top notch. Incredible bass from the dynamic driver with really crisp mids and highs off the BA. No fatigue after hours of listening. Not a massive amount of bass (like the Klipsche S4i rugged) but more than average for sure.

Isolation: Average

Quality: Top notch.

The multi-press option doesn’t work for android, as it supposedly does for iphones. But 90% of the time, I run it off my Jabra Clipper BT receiver, so that button and the mic becomes useless.

I’m a recovering audiophile. I bought these last time and was extremely pleased with the sound quality. Balance, balance, balance. Fit was good for me, too. They’re also built like a tank. I bought the Quincy Jones AKGs a while back and these are an order of magnitude better than those. Can’t recommend enough as this is a killer deal.

this one is a solid buy, am not a fan of the cable but the sound, oh man the sound, after using it for about 2 hours, the true sound and it’s capability is now shown, i love it! it’s one of my fave now… i can hear an added instruments compared to my IM50 and Creative Aurvana IE3, this is a steal! am still listening to it as am typing and i just love the sound! great separation, mids and sighs are above average and so is the bass, if the music needs the bass it’s there. buy it! i would recommend this!