Omaha Burger & Frank Blowout Pack

DANG… about ten bucks a pound for hot dogs and hamburgers (ex toppings)… and this is 50% off their list price. YIKES! The only bargain here is price of shipping…

So they are doing a “whack a deal” yet I fail to see any deal.

Are these refurbished?

Will they work with my Mac?

What’s the warranty?

Would’ve purchased if it was actually a deal… 50$ for the entire box is a deal, give me a shout when you get your head out of that cows ass Omaha Steaks…

Seems that WineDavid must’ve made a hefty buy from Omaha. Seems like every day now that we’re seeing overpriced frozen meat in a box on Woot.

I regret making this purchase. Meat is very low quality. Had several bones in the hamburger, hot dogs literally made me sick, kielbasa casing was so chewy I had to spit it out and the meat was coarse . I suggest you pass on this ‘deal’ if it comes around again.