Omaha Prime Day Burger Blowout Pack

Would buy, but I can’t pick them up tonight. :frowning:

guaranteed by Father’s Day… maybe 2019?

well, it wasn’t specified that it was the U.S. holiday–a few other countries will be celebrating at the end of july and beginning of august…

(but i totally chuckled at the lack of description updating, too)

Around $10/lb for frozen meat? Are you kidding me?

I have actually ordered the meat before and it was some of the worst meat ever. I am would not recommend ordering. The steaks I ordered were tiny and tough. Tasted like they had been frozen for years. The only thing I have tasted from omaha that was decent was the apple tartlets. Horrible product that suckers people in…never again.

might go a long way explaining why these things just aren’t leaving…

That reminds me, I need to buy Dog food on my way home…