Omaha Steaks Breakfast in Bed Combo

Omaha Steaks Woot! Breakfast in Bed Combo - Quiche Lorraine, Applewood Steak-Cut Bacon, Breakfast Pork Sausages, Pineapple Upside Down Cakes, & More!
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$99.99 $210.28 52% off List Price
(4) - Individual Quiche Lorraine, 7.5oz
(2) - Applewood Steak-Cut Bacon, 1lb Package
(1) - Breakfast Pork Sausages - 20 count, 34oz Package
(4) - Individual Pineapple Upside Down Cakes
(4) - Individual Sticky Toffee Pudding Cakes

Uhh, you can get this package minus the bacon and pudding for $39.99 on Omaha Steak’s website. Woot is literally charging $60 for two packs of bacon and some pudding. Terrible awful deal, do not buy.

Pre-cooked sausages??? There is no way that this can even come close to tasting as good as grocery store sausages that I grill myself. Whole Foods, Fresh Market (if you’re on the East Coast), heck, even Kroger all have uncooked sausages that they made in house. Grill those yourself and they will be way better than anything someone sends you that is pre-cooked.

I kinda feel like Omaha Steaks is for people who don’t know any better and want to think they’re eating gourmet food.

Also, check the shipping dates. Mothers day is the 13th. Better send an IOU first, lol.

When you care enough to say “Mom I love you but not enough to run to the store or to get the gift in time for mothers day”

Nothing says I Love You like a pile of meat.

What if you cook the meal? :tongue:

Add ALL of these items to your shopping cart at Omaha Steaks and even their well-overpriced total there comes to only $79.97 – i.e., more than $20 less than woot’s “deal” price. Of course it is. Seriously woot gourmet – why are you even doing this? TERRIBLE DEAL. NOT A DEAL AT ALL. Just like almost every single item listed on woot gourmet. No, really. (Wait, I get it – this is the “shenanigans” part of woot, as listed at the title above, not the “deals,” and the joke’s on us.)