Omaha Steaks Easter Ham Combo

Omaha Steaks Easter Ham Combo

Sizes for anything besides the ham? (8 lb)
1 cup of potatoes? Pint? Quart?
Individual sized cheesecake? 2’ diameter?

How many people does this feed?
One determined person? 8 regular people? 20?

Really hard to gauge if this is a good deal


The “Omaha Steaks” in the title says ‘probably not’. This is about the same price as a similar meal catered from Smokey Bones, and that you got hot when you picked it up, vs ‘sat in the mail for days’.

“One determined person”, heh. :smiley:

No, it is not a good deal. Omaha steaks is never a good deal. Even their specials cost double to triple or more what I pay at even the fancy meat places. And the one time I ordered, the quality was very mediocre. I have not had the ham. But the hot dogs were not as good as even Oscar Mayer franks, the Hamburgers were like McDonalds. And the steaks were dry. I think this ham works out to something like $10/lb. Have you ever paid even $7.50 per pound for ham? I have not.

Is this even an 8 pound ham? The nutrition information says 36 servings of 3 ounces each, which comes to 6.75 pounds.

There is a bone.

Doh! Of course. Thank you.

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Woot - u can do SO much better!

Potatoes: 2 (12 oz.) Packages. Serves 6

Cheesecakes: 4 (4 oz.) Cheesecakes. Each are individual cakes about 4 inches in diameter

There you go. :slight_smile:

What a bad deal. This can be had many other places for much, much less, and you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. As one easy example, just head to Costco for a far less expensive, great quality glazed ham. I’ve still NEVER seen a good deal involving Omaha Steaks, and I have rarely (if ever) heard anyone say there is anything special about their meat products. Often to the contrary, actually.

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Bought a 20lb bone in double smoked ham from a smokehouse in Bishop,CA for $68 on Easter sale, about 2 weeks ago. I’ve had it B4 and it’s delicious.
The Omaha steaks deal is not a good one,IMO.