Omaha Steaks Holiday Ham Dinner

Omaha Steaks Holiday Ham Dinner

$100 for an 8lb Ham 10oz of potatoes and 4 slices of cheese cake? Are you kidding me? Spiral ham is $0.99 - 1.69 a pound at EVERY super market during the Holiday Season. $10 for the Ham, $3 for 5lbs of potates and $10 for a whole cheese cake. $2 for gas to drive to store. $25 Total you just saved $75


A “C” note for this is plain nutz. Not surprising though,Omaha Steaks is way over priced on everything they sell

Even honey baked ham stores have 8-10 lb hams for $59.


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Absurd pricing. Great glazed spiral hams are available for far less than this at lots of places, including at less than half the price at Costco, and you can even get your ham from HoneyBaked for less than this. Ridiculous.

leave it to Omaha Steaks to advertise a $180 “ham kit” and mark it down to $100 to pretend they’re doing some sort a favor for us by having this “sale”. I’d much rather have a honey baked ham for half the price. Omaha has always been waaaay overpriced. Seems their business model is built on their offers of these false sales while showing inflated “normal” costs trying to dupe people. The local B&M Omaha Store by my house recently closed. I wonder why…

Let’s see, your holiday dinner will be here aaaahh, sometime between the 24th and 31st of December. OK?