Omaha Steaks NZ Leg of Lamb Dinner

Omaha Steaks NZ Leg of Lamb Dinner

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It is reassuring to learn that The United States of Agriculture is involved in the inspection of this product!

At the top of the event page it says that it will be delivered between Dec. 3-7, but down in the features section, it says that it will be delivered in time for Thanksgiving. Which is it?

$100 gourmet frozen TV dinner! :open_mouth:

In time for Thanksgiving is correct. The other date is a system generated estimate.

woot u can do better. this is no deal!

Since Bezos acquired Woot. It’s been all downhill.

I’m sorry, but we sucked before 2010 too.

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FTFY, we’re much more civilized for just a television.

Just FWIW, those aren’t potatoes gratin, they look more like croquettes since they are little balls of potato.

Seems like a complete Holiday meal for 4-6 people though. For $100 its $25 - $16.66 per person, depending on how fat your guests are determines how many it feeds.

Not a horrible deal. For someone who is new to making larger meals and having small family over or trying to impress a significant others parents, it’s a good idea.

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BTH, I hadn’t even looked at the deal. I was just perusing the forums and found this discussion entertaining.

Now, looking at the deal, it’s a full meal (entree + 2 sides) for 4-6 people, including dessert, for $100. Not a bad deal at all.

That being said, anytime I see something from Omaha Steaks, I can’t not think of Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice.


Ordered and shipping estimate still says December 10th. Why would it say will deliver in time for thanksgiving if it does not. Will need to thaw a couple days prior. Frustrated.

Hi there. The Dec 10 date is a standard system calculation. WineDavid has said it will be delivered by Thanksgiving.

Checked on your order. It’s being sent via an Omaha Steaks truck to your nearest UPS facility. You should see tracking soon.

Ok. Have not received a tracking number yet. Do you have that?

Sent you a private message. Look up by your avatar in the upper left corner.