Omaha Steaks Tailgate Special

Omaha Steaks package, a bad deal for mediocre meat that you offer all the time, and now that’s a woot off deal… so far you have fallen, woot, so far you have fallen.

6.5lbs of meat for $99.99? That’s more than $15 a pound!

1/2 lbs of that is for hamburger, no less.

What surprises me more is 9ish people actually bought this. You can score this package for well under $50 most of the time, and it’s still over priced st $50.

This may be the worst value I’ve ever seen on woot.

This is obviously for people who are too lazy to go to the grocery store…or have no idea what meat really costs.

Woot hasn’t anything of value since Amazon took over. It’s a joke.

Got to agree. Worst thing happen was woot being bought out by Amazon. Now it’s just a clearing house for what Amazon has left over and at crazy high prices

I just went to their website and selected the items in this deal - not any package - just individually selecting the items. The total is $104.95 plus shipping (should be $20).

(And, of course, this is all far more expensive than just buying meat at the grocery store.)

buy > 70% off!

Steaks are 5oz each?
Hamburgers are 4oz each?

Is this the children’s menu?

Welcome to how Omaha Steaks makes it look like you are getting a lot. It’s steak for people who are bad at math.

Thank you! My in laws think the sun rises and sets on this craptastic meat, and we get it as an Xmas gift every year. We still have some in our freezer from 2 years ago cause we never eat it.

Omaha has HORRIBLE/ABYSMAL customer service!!!