Omaha Steaks Woot Burger and Frank Overload

Omaha Steaks Woot Burger and Frank Overload

Per pound, you won’t find a better deal on meat. Period.

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"meat" :wink:

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Did you compare prices with that guy who sells meat out of his van?

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If you ask my kids what hot dogs are made of, they’ll tell you chicken lips and toes. They’re in their late 20s, by the way.

Who says you can’t teach your kids anything? :wink:

You seem like the type of person to have put feathers in your hand, made a fist, told everyone you just had chicken nuggets, then coughed into that fist blowing feathers everywhere.

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Ooh, good idea!

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this is cheaper on the Omaha Steaks web site directly

What the shipping cost?

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Unfortunately he is correct, cheaper by at least $10 through their website and free shipping. Playing around with a few options, best value I found assuming you want burgers and franks is a pick your own #7 combo for 79.99. 24 gourmet burgers, 14 Omaha steak burgers and 16 gourmet franks.

About $8/pound for those of you who are wondering.

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I was unable to get free shipping.

Seriously, how is almost $7 a lb for hamburgers and hot dogs the best deal on meat? Frozen I might add and shipped.

I can get Angus USDA choice Ribeyes, RIBEYES for $7.99 a lb at my local grocery store on sale. I never understand who buys all this crap. I guess people with giant freezers who prefer massive quantity over anything fresh…



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Yep, you’re right. I could have sworn I saw it on the description, I must have been looking at the option above it though.

Circle circle dot dot, now I’ve got my cootie shot.

See how weird it is when someone posts something that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?

I could make hamburgers from New York strip for this price…

You can get non-USDA choice ribeyes for $6.99 a lb this week, basically what this deal is. They will even grind it into hamburger meat for you for free!

OR… you could buy these from woot.

Or I could buy regular hamburgers for half the price. Or burgers that are vastly superior for the same price. Or I could buy these frozen, cheap meat patties for double a regular burger or the same price as steak.

Somehow, all of those options make this the best price for meat, “period” ? lol.

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I notice you conveniently don’t post any links to buy these alleged “regular hamburgers” at half this price. As tasty as that sounds, it’s all lies unless you post a link where I can buy it right now.

Do you live in Hawaii or Alaska or something?

Ground beef is normally a few bucks a pound. Fresh, not frozen, pre-made burgers are regularly between $4 and $5 a pound. They will literally grind and patty steaks for you at this same exact price… Are you housebound?