Omaha Steaks Woot! Griller's Delight Pack

Omaha Steaks Woot! Griller’s Delight Pack
$99.99 $249.99 60% off List Price
(12) - Omaha Steak Burgers, 4oz
(8) - Gourmet Burgers, 4oz
(8) - Gourmet Jumbo Franks, 3oz
(8) - Bratwurst, 4oz
(8) - Kielbasa Sausage, 3oz
(8) - Italian Sausage, 3oz
(4) - Classic Beef Franks, 2.5oz

$12.12/lb average before shipping? No thanks, I can get some badass prime steaks for less than they’re selling these burgers and hot dogs.

Omaha Steaks products are really good. Definitely pricey, but good none the less.

I don’t quite understand.
Total weight of all items is 12.125lbs. Total price is $100.
$100/12.12lbs = $8.25/lb

You are correct on price per pound. Nonetheless, who the hell is gonna pay $8+ for a pound of garbage? You can buy good sirloin cuts for less than that.

I think “garbage” is a bit strong of a word, considering the sole ingredient on the burgers is beef. Also, getting prime steaks for $8/pound is not possible, at least where I live. I only know of a few places that carry prime meat, and it’s usually at least twice that price per pound.

I think this is a fairly good deal. It is possible to get each of these cheaper, but these I’m sure are high quality meats and there’s a lot here. I’m not sure about having to cook the burgers to 160–seems like that’s going to create a dry burger.

I’ve bought these deals twice and I knew better the second time but I had to remind myself how lousy of a deal it was.

These will arrive after the 4th.

You always can go to your local grocer and talk to the butcher and get special cuts. It is a thing.

My brother sends me Omaha steaks every Christmas, so I have had their products. Frankly compared to what I can get locally (Illinois / Iowa region) this is mediocre stuff. As the previous poster said, talk to your butcher, they will fix you up with better cuts than this often for less coin.

Burgers, Sausages and hot dogs can be had for $4/lb at your local butcher shop, and that’s good stuff (I’m sure as good or better than Omaha Steaks), not Ball Park franks. I can get (choice) beef tenderloin for $8/lb. This is not a good deal.

Sam’s Club near where I live has choice sirloin (hand cut in store) for about $8/pound. I know, I bought some the other day, they just started carrying it a month or so ago.

I’ll stick to them(for something quick) or my local cattle farm and meat market(for something super fresh), and pass on the already frozen meat.

Steaks? Where are the STEAKS???

Ahhh, shipping is included.

I have been given this as a gift. Not impressed with it and it was free. As others have stated, I can take my 104 dollars and head over to my local butcher shop and do the same thing for about 70 bucks. The beef, pork, and chicken used are local (50 miles or less), they also age their steaks if I want to add a couple of those for about 30 bucks. This deal is for the outlying places where you can’t get to a good butcher.

This package is scheduled for delivery on 6/30. Plenty of time to get ready for July 4th!

jumping the steak!

yes, will arrive well before 4th of July celebrations.

But can I really take the butcher’s word for it? …or should I stick my head up a bull’s…

Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?

I can go to Cash N Carry and buy angus tenderloin PISMOs for what these guys want for dogs.

Nope. Heck nope.

Must be nice to have a local butcher…