Omaha Steaks Woot! Griller's Delight Pack

“Oo! Omaha STEAKS!”


“oh… it’s burgers and sausages… never mind”

This seems like a pretty good deal all around. Comes to down to less than about 7$/lb before taxes.

How is it shipped, though? My biggest concern is having it dropped off at my door step and sitting out all day.

Once upon a time I had a gift card and they had a half off sale so I had lots of Omaha steaks shipped to me. Like a freezer full

It comes in little cardboard shipping boxes packed with ice cooler thingies and the stuff frozen solid.

So you’ll get frozen meat unless you forget about it on the porch for a day or two.

Pretty much the same price as going to and adding the same quantities for each item. Total came to $100.93 on Omaha Steak’s website. NOT a deal a all, probably better to go buy specifically what you want.

And to note, it’s extremely unlikely Woot has Omaha Steaks hanging out in cold storage at a warehouse.

You’re just buying through Woot and Omaha Steaks is going to ship it the same way they do all their other stuff.

Otherwise there’s gonna be some gross BOC’s.

How is the beef processed? For example, what kind of preservatives are used? What kind of seasonings or fillers? What is the rating of beef you use? Do the burgers contain LFTB or BLBT like products?

I purchased some earlier this year. Arrives in a sealed styrofoam cooler size box with a package of dry ice on the bottom. Works well for shipping. The burgers are ok and if you ever order steaks you will be underwhelmed.

It’s 100% pure Omaha, no? So… tastes like middle America.

Agree, not a deal at all. They run this kind of discount on their website constantly. Good product, just not any savings.

$100 for hamburgers and hot dogs…

Ah! Spoken like a coastie that has no idea USA has different regions and cultures beyond left and right. :smiley:

We were given a gift of Omaha Steaks and burgers. Save your money. You can do much better both in terms of quality and price (even at a deep discount) by going to your local butcher.

This pack comes out to almost $8/lb for sausages and burgers, wtf? I can buy grass-fed beef for $6/lb at Sam’s Club. Not a great deal.

Clearly not a great deal, not to mention Omaha steaks customer service has gone down hill. It’s not worth dealing with them. If you want nice steaks or ground beef you need to find a local butcher.

It’s a heck of a deal compared to the wagyu beef Woot had yesterday at 5 lbs for $230. :slight_smile:

A poor “deal” yet again.

Local butchers still exist?

Just don’t. Mediocre meat at bizarrely inflated prices and an obscene amount of packaging. Even at the sale price, you’d save money going to a local butcher and you’d get a better product. Only buy if you want to send a gift to a friend that proves to them you have more money than sense.

The ones in a Publix count as good enough to be comparable or better than Omaha Steaks methinks.