Omaha Steaks Woot! Griller's Delight Pack

Omaha Steaks Woot! Griller’s Delight Pack - Steak Burgers, Gourmet Burgers, Jumbo Franks, Bratwurst, Kielbasa, Italian Sausage, & Classic Beef Franks
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $99.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $249.99 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 60% off List Price
(12) - Omaha Steak Burgers, 4oz
(8) - Gourmet Burgers, 4oz
(8) - Gourmet Jumbo Franks, 3oz
(8) - Bratwurst, 4oz
(8) - Kielbasa Sausage, 3oz
(8) - Italian Sausage, 3oz
(4) - Classic Beef Franks, 2.5oz

A proper bun is sliced on top… not on the side

This is Correct

This is Wrong

so that is $67/lb? ouch!

Ahhhh more like $7.66/lb.

Are they selling a chest freezer as well?

Sliced on the side… does that make it a sandwich?

You know, this is an example of one of the things that annoys me the most about the current Internet… When people claim that you’re doing something completely objective “the wrong way”.

Now, I’m not talking about correcting spelling or grammar. Those are objective based on established rules.

I’m talking about how every other article claims that I’m eating a banana wrong, or sitting on the toilet wrong, or getting a fricking’ Tic-Tac out of the package wrong.

It’s not wrong. It’s how I choose to do it, for whatever my own reasons are.

I haven’t enjoyed bananas, using the toilet, getting a Tic-Tac, or eating a hot dog ANY LESS just because I don’t do it the way you do.


(applauding politely)

It will never stop. These are the same people that try to convince you that you voted for the wrong person in 2016 and you are a Russian bot. Just learn to ignore them and you will be happy.

Whether you slice your hot dog bun on the top, or the side, it’s still gonna turn into poop, in the end.

So, what you’re saying, is that they’re doing the internet wrong?

Surprising… it tastes the same to me either way.

I think it’s $8.25/lb.

48 oz: (12) - Omaha Steak Burgers, 4oz
32 oz: (8) - Gourmet Burgers, 4oz
24 oz: (8) - Gourmet Jumbo Franks, 3oz
32 oz: (8) - Bratwurst, 4oz
24 oz: (8) - Kielbasa Sausage, 3oz
24 oz: (8) - Italian Sausage, 3oz
10 oz: (4) - Classic Beef Franks, 2.5oz

194 ounces total = 12.125 pounds = $8.25/pound

What I don’t understand is why neither bun in the photo is toasted. It tastes better and doesn’t fall apart as easily if you toast your bun.

The bun in the top photo looks like a quality bakery hot dog bun, which will stay together quite nicely without toasting. The bottom, mass produced factory bun never seems to be sliced correctly, and even when I toast them, they tend to fall apart.

Slicing it on the side does make it a sandwich… I guess but YES, you do get a (disappointingly small) chest freezer (Styrofoam cooler) with every purchase

The small ones fit in your trunk quite nicely… I used to work there and still have a few; pretty much everything from Omaha Steaks is disappointingly small

I get what you’re saying but sometimes (like now) there is a correct bun and then there are the crappy side cut buns you buy at the store. If you want to enjoy an authentic dog/brat you must have authentic bread/buns

By the way making buns/flatbread is easy and Awesome!

Eating a high quality dog/brat with a crappy store bought bun is a crime and basically the same as drinking a nice bottle of wine with a frozen burrito… you can do it all you want but don’t be offended when i call you a “Crack Ho”

YES, toasted buns are always good… not sure about authentic but always tasty

Hmmm… suspiciously like a Russian bot here- just sayin

Apparently (obviously actually) you DON’T get what is being said