Omega, My Mega

Buy it at Amazon for same price and save $5 on shipping! Woot! Woot! (Not). Somebody please remind me why I’m here.

Got an Omega 3HP Blender White 120V- BL630W last time Omega was on Woot. The blender won’t work out of the box - can’t get any response from customer servise on this. Can’t say that I would recommend this brand.

I bought the Ruby Red vrt350m for $179.99 back in December from Woot, and now they’re charging $249.99 for the same one. Also, I noticed that one is called juicer ruby red, and the other is called ruby red juicer… I bought mine back in December, and now I’m saving up to buy fruits and vegetables to use in it. Turns out, you can’t get juice from ramen noodles. :frowning:

The masticating juicer seems like a pretty good buy. If I didn’t just buy a couple high dollar items I’d probably get that. Masticating juicers are good as they are slow and don’t heat up the juice, preserving more of the nutrients. The older 8004 model is considered very good already and this one supposedly gets another 25% more juice out. The outgoing pulp is reportedly very dry and could be used in other appropriate recipes like cookies or breads.

I’m looking at Amazon RIGHT NOW an nothing there is the same price, even with the $5 shipping excluded.
Sorry champ, this is a better deal…price wise.

This is the NC800 HDR, not the vrt350m. No, they are not charing a higher price for the Ruby Red vrt350m since this is a difference model.

Link or it didn’t happen. And it appears that it didn’t (this time)- it’s $150 more on Amazon.

I bought the Omega 660S on woot! a while back – that model is a bit different, of course, but I love it. I have used Blendtec and Vitamix blenders before, and the Omega blender I bought compares very favorably for a much better price.

I’m wearing my Omega Seamaster, and then clicked on this in excitement to find blenders LOL

Maybe we’re looking at two different items. It says vrt350m right on the sales page. I don’t see NC800 anywhere on the page nor do I see HDR. I know the chrome one says HD, and the brighter red one advertised currently at $179.99 says it comes with the HD screen, but I don’t see anything to indicate that on the darker red one. Where are you looking?

Edit: Never mind. You were looking at the horizontal juicer. I’m talking about the dark red vertical (VRT) juicer. In December it was $179.99, and now it’s $249.99.

Regarding the vertical juicer, one color (the sold out one) was also $179.99, for some reason the other reddish one is much more expensive. Supply and demand?