Omega Pro Power Banks - Your Choice

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Omega Pro Power Banks - Your Choice
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I bought one of these and it works great. No longer have to have another car to jump start my car.

Must have accessory for any car owner. Just be careful to not leave it hooked up after a car is started for more than a few seconds. If you do they swell up and then become a fire hazard.

So these really work? I’ve always been doubtful about them. I mean, if they really work, why don’t we all have pocket-sized batteries under the hood?

Can I charge it and leave it in my glove box for a year and expect it to work? Will it work with a completely discharged battery (eg. you left your lights on all night)?

For the long term storage, the factory recommends to charge the battery every 3 months.

I got two of these awhile back and I really like them. I haven’t needed them for my car yet, but charging everything else like cell, iPad, and more it is great. Mine has sat 6-7 months & it didn’t need to be recharged.

This was one of my concerns as well. I’m sure they work, there’s too many reviews out there saying that they do. I know that when the once-in-every-three-year dead battery happens to me, I’d have the device but it would be dead because I didn’t charge the thing that I don’t ever use. lol. Looking at a few random reviews from other random devices on the mothership, it seems they are known to hold their power at least 3 months and then need or recommend recharging. I’m guessing that I would forget I even have it in my glove box until it’s dead (but that’s my issue, not the product’s).

That’s very promising!

How do you charge this battery ?

Yes, Yes, Yes, I had this work when jumper cables did not work, and I have even used it three to jump start before a recharge. I had a short which was draining the battery between starts, due to a bad remote starter installation. Bought this at a local store, not expecting it to work as well as I wanted, but it works better, allowing me to start every time.

My brother-in-law bought one for me. I tried it twice and it can not even turn the motor over. Yes it was fully charges and yes I had turned it on

What car? What engine? What Temp?

A charging cable and wall adapter are included. You can see them in the package photos.

It comes with a USB cable and an adapter to charge the battery.

I bought the small one last time and charged it up full (took a while!). My son had trouble starting his car so I told him to leave the light on for a while so I could try it out. It was so dead the doors would not even lock. I hooked up this little battery and the green light came right on and it just clicked the first try but the green light came right back on and it started instantly the second try. I have started three cars with dead batteries two time each and there still 4 lights showing on the battery. Hasn’t even discharged enough to notice! I am buying 4 more, one for each car!

Well,dang. I was looking to buy the 81100/11000 mAh but it’s OOS.