Omega VSJ843QS Slow Juicer Silver



Hey Woot is this the wrong product photo or the wrong model number?

The VSJ843QS **(listed model number)**has a square base:

The VSJ843RS **(product photo shown)**has a round base -

I’m interested but I want to be sure of what I’m actually buying.


Further review looks like the title has the “Q” model in it and the features description both the “Q” and the “R” model intermixed in the listing. But the specs has the “Q” model. sigh


Hi there. Manhandsha sent a note to the team this afternoon. They’re waiting up to hear back from the vendor.

And weekend.


Hey, thanks for replying. I ended up buying the last one despite not knowing which model I’ll actually be receiving. I guess it’ll be a surprise when I open it :stuck_out_tongue:


We never did hear back. Some vendors aren’t as responsive as we’d like. :frowning: