OMEN HP Headset 800 - Black

Genuinely comfortable and excellent for blocking out the world. This headset is revered for it’s inexpensive quality and I cannot believe they’re only 40 dollars. The lack of bass is my only complaint, sound and microphone quality is just so good. Thanks woot

last gaming headphones I order from woot were able planet refurbished ones they sucked to big for my head, other players complained about mic quality and sound was awful. Made sure these headphones said, “new” before hitting the buy button.

buyer beware. I’m arguing with customer service now after they shipped me a demo unit. They’re telling me demo = new. Who knows what you’ll get but mine definitely weren’t new as the box says “Demo” across it and they are speckled with some sticky substance. Not very happy right now.

I’m sorry for the frustration. Let me talk with CS.

just bought this and realized that it is not compatible with a PS4. not sure why this is being advertised as having the capability to work with the PS4