OMEN X by HP 35" Curved Display

OMEN X by HP 35" Curved Display

What’s a good graphics card for this in my Dell Optiplex 980, Windows 7 Pro?

First, you’ll need to confirm that the power supply in your system can handle an updated GPU. I think the standard supply is 300W, which is pretty small.

Then you’ll need to find a card that can support 4K (a card with 2 to 4 Gigs of memory).

Also, your system can only handle lower profile PCI cards, so that will have to be on your specs list.

Have a look at Newegg and see if anything works for you (price and feature wise)

Extending on this …

255w or 305w, depending on the original configuration. Being that the 980 uses first generation core processors and 8 years old now, you may run into other compatibility aspects with modern video cards.

(Remember that Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 in January 2020 too.)

Thanks for the help.

Good info. Thanks.