Those are amazing!

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The parking brake is on. I don’t think I could get it released before Saturday morning.


Some of us have to work today, so I’ll have to squeeze some online shopping in when I can.


Finally did find a bargain. Sharing in case anyone interested:

It is with ads for Hulu movies and TV shows. Ad free for Disney+.

  • It is $1.99/month for Hulu alone (normally $7.99)
  • Additional $2.99/month to add Disney+ (sign up concurrently if desired)
  • Price goes way up a year later but can quit

No standing in line for me……flying to Cancun today!! :sunny::bikini::beers:

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Have a safe trip! Get a little sunburn and sand in your shorts for me.


This whole buying stuff on sale that you probably would not buy at all if you were not swayed by advertising that makes you think you are getting a better deal than you are, is a lot of crap!


but America

wootuserjared more like wootuserJADED amirite?? hello is this on

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How about the london bridge? I hear its also available.

I used to get up and head out with my sister to all the stores we wanted to hit early in the morning but since the net got so big I just buy goodies online and sleep in.

And then there is Amazon warehouse, my first place to look. Sometimes you can get some decent bargains.

My raincoat was half off at Columbia. The vacuum is a Makita with battery, which sold out.- sold and shipped by Amazon, There are other sellers with a higher price.

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I went to the casino and met June. She is on O2 and offered me a Pall Mall. She was sweet. No explosion.

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I love Black Friday shopping. It seems in the past decade we’ve come full circle. They started opening stores on waht I called grat Thursday (because it was not quite black friday). There was definitely abacklash from shoppers on that as stores tried to balance the holdiays with greed. Then covid hit and forced stores to either make onlinr shopping work for their customers or get out of the game.

This year many of the stores previously open on Thanksgiving were closed for the holiday but beefed up their online sales. I feel like employees also had a hand in this as well though. workers in general have “told” employers work-life balance matters. So Stores found a way to make the sales without having to pay holiday salary to workers, if they even had the workers in thr first place.

All that being said, i took my kids out so they could experience the early morning “frenzy”. We didn’t wait in any outisde lines (like I have in the past)… and we even got a photo of a practically empty mall at 7am, which felt a bit spooky. Overall, they had fun and we got a bunch of presents for the giving tree.



I just woke up from my food coma.

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Yup! Same here :slight_smile:

So true, but very anti american business model. Are we related?

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