OMG! We have TWO new Volunteer Moderators!

Wolfe and his crew will opt to leave Ranger HQ.


It’s the start of a new Monday.

But what about Ranger HQ?

I can’t comment on it.

Oh No Cat GIF by Garfield

What a glorious calendar.

You are evil.

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Here’s something related to sailors like Columbus.


I don’t think “our” penguin likes music. But, then again, he’s evil and weird.

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Does the dinner bell count as music?


There’s another penguin?!?

I hope not.

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But you can’t be talking about me, because:

  1. I don’t not like music. I just don’t listen.
  2. I’m not evil.
  3. I’m not weird. Quirky? Sure. Weird? No.
  1. If you like music why don’t you listen to it?
  2. That’s exactly what an evil person would say.
  3. Weird is good. Except when it’s bad.
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I never meant to imply that I like it.

I’m indifferent.

Now that I can believe.

I meant to music.


Yep. You can post 10 in a row and then it is time to let others post.


There shouldn’t be a limit when it comes to cake and ice cream. :w_happy2: