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It looks wet.

and a little creepy


Holy crap that is a furious zombie cat.


I’m allergic to caaaatsss!!!

I don’t like cats. Even if I did, I don’t think I would like this shirt.

Reminds me of Cujo only in cat-form. Or maybe Pet Sematary.

Splattercat is not winning me over. The feral ink-drool makes it look like the fangless cat got run over and it was made into a shirt. Sorry, ChaosTheory, but this is a no-go for me.

It’s decapitated, right? I don’t like cats, but this is just wrong lol.

LOL, Cat changes gender mid story…

As much as I like cats…that’s just damned creepy.

I know cat’s don’t normally like water, but for a cat this extra creepy I’d recommend nothing less than Holy Water.

I mean, look at it. Total poltergeist kitty right there.

So people… which page of Google do you reckon?

That cat has some wicked facial hair.

this really really creeps me out.

If I wore this, people would think I was a crazy cat lady.

More than they already do.

oh man, gross :\

Now, more than ever, I can justify my preference of dogs over cats.


NEDM can save you from this cat.

Pissed Off Kitty Did Not Enjoy Flea Bath.