Double rainbow all the way!

Double rainbows … wasn’t that last year’s meme?

Double tacos, OTOH …

I would have bought this shirt if the secondary rainbow/spectrum were flipped…

Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

No orange! No purple! No indigo (not that anyone cares about that one. Does anyone even know what “indigo” is?)! This is a failprism.

What the fractal?

That’s adorably prismatic! Woooo. So cute. I like the little spaghetti arms.

lol, this is pretty awesome

Lame. Tired meme is tired.

Double Rainbow!!


Cool, now I have a shirt to put on when blasting this Double Rainbow SONG instead of just dancing around naked like I’ve been doing…



Watch for necessary background on this shirt…

This shirt really speaks to me… I hope the fabric is the kind that breathes, especially for those wearers on the run all the time towards their gig in the sky…
With a bit of money, I could buy one for us AND them, although, being limited, I couldn’t get any color you like…
Maybe I could use this as eye-protective wear so I don’t get brain damage while watching the eclipse…

…No… that’s just silly.

I’m sensing a Pink Floyd vibe going on here.

Dark Side of the Rainbow?

Thought this was a Dark side of the Moon shirt at first glance

Cute prism thought seconded.


of course, light is always bent towards the base of a prism. Art is art!

cool, none the less.