Omnifi DMP1 20GB Car Media Jukebox with FM Modulator


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Quality Posts (a few posts we stumbled upon that look particularly helpful to others):

iamabigdave discusses some installation issues and links to some install tips.

rkelle1 summarizes a review from another site.

SonikAMD gives some installation tips and a short personal review.

lazyart posted some installation pics and tips on using the jukebox.

otherguy15 links to a review he wrote on epinions, as well as some alternative software options.


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Omnifi DMP1 20GB Car Media Jukebox with FM Modulator $99.99 + $5 shipping

Cheapest price on froogle - $129.99

CLICK HERE for $5.99 CD’s with FREE shipping



Nice price, might be a good add on for the new radio i’ve been shopping for…


this looks sweet


What was the price last time?


Dont need it and dont want it


I bought one of these… well worth the purchase… I have had it in my car for over a month now and i love it… Definately a great woot!


umm…no thanks…


Why did I have to learn about W00t while I’m flat broke!?

Once my raise happens, can I have my paycheck automatically transfered to woot?


Looks pretty cool…




No good woot for today!

Hopefully something comes on Monday!



Nope. no thanks WOOT


Do FM Modulators have decent quality? That’s the only problem I would have with this. Anyone have one of these?




where is our boc… good woot though


awsome looking radio !
let me think about it


disappointing… i don’t have a car to put it in yet…

keep truckin’ woot. good site. i found you in reader’s digest.


I just use my MP3 player. Haven’t we seen this not to long ago?