Omnifi DMP1 20GB Car Media Jukebox


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And the mad rush to WOOT continues. The amount of press really seems to be making woot

the place to be. The next BOC or WOOT off should be pretty interesting. I hope that by

then the new system is in place. I think we are on the verge of seeing a new type of

Woot setup… should be interesting.

Nice item tonight. I wonder how quick this will take to sell out. Got to love this Omni setup!!!

Best price on Froogle is - $149 But does NOT contain all the stuff woot has with it. … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


Omnifi DMP1 20GB Car Media Jukebox
Who’s gonna hard-drive you home?
$139.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Your MP3 collection…on wheels? It’s more than just a beautiful dream. Simply install dis herre DMP1 Mobile Media Jukebox wherever you’d put a car CD changer, and wirelessly load it up with up to 20GB of music from your PC. Thanks to the auto sync feature, it can sit out in your garage and fetch the content you want while you’re snug in bed, like a faithful puppy without the mess. You’ll roll off to work every morning armed with a fresh batch of tunes, news, audiobooks, whatever – enough to keep you relaxed even through the Ventura Freeway’s nastiest traffic snarls. In a pinch, you can use the USB-equipped removable HDD (20 gigs, remember?) to shuttle data between home and work, or to grab your own copies of a friend’s killer collection of audio files (hey, what the recording industry’s lawyers don’t know won’t hurt you).

The butt-simple interface has been tested on chimpanzees to ensure ease of use (note: this claim is not endorsed by reality). And it’s crafted of durable heat-resistant plastic, so on summer days you won’t find a glob of grey goo where your DMP1 used to be.

The included USB-to-WiFi internet adapter is the mortar that holds the House of OmniFi together, the straw that stirs the OmniFi drink. Sure, you can run Cat-5 cable out to your garage – and maybe you already have. But the rest of us can use of the included DWL-121 WiFi Adapter for your car, made for Omnifi by D-Link.

Finally, we’ve thrown in some SimpleCenter software to quickly and reliably rip tracks from CD to MP3, and uncannily sniff out your media and label it with all the relevant discographical info. All told, that’s a car player, a wireless adapter, and you, burning up the highway with your stash of completely legitmate MP3s. Rock sensibly!

Key Features:
Condition: New, Retail
Removable 20-gig hard drive (with storage for approximately 300 hours of digital audio content)
Hard drive housing for permanent mounting in your vehicle (mounts vertically or horizontally)
Dash-mounted (DIN) controller (can be surface-mounted)
Line level (RCA) outputs (connects to your in-dash receiver via auxiliary inputs or an optional RF modulator)
SimpleCenter software for organizing and scheduling music downloads
Upgradeable software can be updated to accept format changes
MP3 and WMA compatible
Favorites playlist holds 20 songs
WiFi (802.11b) wireless router receiver required for wireless transfer of audio files
D-Link DWL-121 WiFi receiver INCLUDED for wireless transfer of audio files
Stereo RCA outputs
Dimensions: 6-1/16”W x 2-1/4”H x 7-11/16”D (hard drive housing); 6-13/16”W x 1-13/16”H x 2-1/8”D (controller/display)
Warranty: 1 year


If I wasn’t broke I would buy this. This is the best WOOT in weeks.




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Not for me, got an alpine mp3 cd player instead!

And it kicks (___)___) !

Didn’t we already see a bunch of these?

Oy Vey!



I thought the last offering was going to be the last one? Don’t get me wrong, I have one and think its great! I just happen to have two “extras” I was hoping to sell on ebay if the market ever unflooded, but every time I just about get to listing them, woot offers it again. I had better goto bed before I end up buying 3 more just because its a good deal.


Hey I’m on the first page on my very first post here. Whhooo hoo woot :lol:


does anyone have one of these? i was wondering how hard it is to try to locate songs while driving. is it easy to use the shuffle?


I need the home version, pasted it up the other week like a dummy… oh well , first time first pager.


got 1 :smiley:


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$118 here, but currently out of stock:

$129.50 here, but also currently out of stock:

Edit: woot package comes with that D-Link receiver for the extra money though.


At first I thought why screw with my Lexus, then I remembered my boat and the lack of a cd-changer! This was a good fit! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Got mine but I know some people that will want this!


haha! I found this place thru the WSJ article, nice to be here; really sweet item tonight, too bad I don’t have a car :frowning:


boo. I bought the bundle with the home streamer, and all I wanted was this. boo.


Decent Deal? Seen cheaper on ebay…


Nice stuff. Already got mine.

For more good deals, go to :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: