OmniMount 2 Shelf Flat Panel Video Table

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OmniMount 2 Shelf Flat Panel Video Table
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 OmniMount G362 Flat Panel Video Table - 2 Shelf

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Goes with the OmniMount Shelf Unit from last night!

i wonder if this could have been a bundle buy.

I should be sleeping is this wootoff ever going to end???

Not much of a deal. You can get similar cheaper at Wally World.

Cheaper than comparable items from ikea… You might even get this one assembled in less than six months :wink:

“OmniMount” just sounds so incredibly dirty to me.

oh brother, good night

I’ve looked and looked at the photo, but I can’t spot the “High gloss black color” they so love.

My 70" HDTV is laughing at this little stand…60"?! Ha!


All right, now I am ticked… I have done my wooting, I have filled my basement with more useless stuff that my neighbors will be picking through and haggling over the price at my next yard sale, all because I am waiting for a 52" 1080 flat panel TELEVISION… I passed on the POS 780 last night because it was 780 and not 52"…and woot is going to tease me with a dang nab it stand… a stand… I have been up for 28 straight hours for a stand…ARGH

It’s over with the stereo equipment, ‘complimenting it.’

i agree with everyone else when is woot-off going to end cause i need to sleep. It needs to either end or give me something really worth buying

Do ya really think that this “glass” table will survive a trip on the FedEx or UPS roller coaster (aka - smash up derby)?

welcome OmniMount! welcome to the wonders of the wootoff.

This Woot Off will end either this evening 9/22 or tomorrow evening 9/23… we have not seen the BOC yet, it will probably show up around 3:30 PM CDT.

this will take atleast 2hrs…

the description states it is “High gloss black”
and gives the product number of this:

So is it clear or black?