OmniMount 3 Shelf Audio Tower Stand Woot Info Post
give me or give me death!

OmniMount 3 Shelf Audio Tower Stand [New] - $79.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * OmniMount G303 Grey Audio Tower Stand – 3 Shelf

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$85 shipped? Seriously?

What has happened to the woot I once knew?

will this tip over easily


Well, you could always pay more everywhere else, I suppose.

Wouldn’t a subwoofer rattle violently on this?

I own the G304 (4 shelf unit)and would have rather gotten this 3 shelf unit, preferably at Woot’s price. You wouldn’t put a subwoofer on this, just components.

Has good cable management, solid weight so it won’t tip and the glass is thick enough to feel like it won’t shatter.

Very much worth it if you need shelving for your components.

This is the new

Evidently each of those shelves can support 50 lbs of expensive equipment. It weighs 76 pounds, which would imply it is substantial. Also a pain to move.

This is for shelving your collection of amps and such, not speakers.

So, in the product website’s picture…they couldn’t find something to put on the top shelf and just settled for a couple decorative vases? In that case, why would I waste my money?

At 2.5ft tall, I’m not sure this is much of a “tower”.

Why would you put a sub on a shelf?
(edit: realized you may not be into home theater so didn’t know what audio components meant, sorry)

I’m thinking this is not for holding subwoofers, but for holding receivers, amps, DVD/Blu-Ray players and game consoles. Maybe a television as well.

Obviously if $85 is too much for me, I don’t really care what it costs elsewhere. Unless someone is selling it in black for $30 or less, which is what I might be willing to pay.

Did you ever see Ghostbusters II? When they made the toaster dance? Something along those lines.

Yes. And even though it’s called an “Audio Tower,” you could use it for video components in a modern setting, such as an office or sitting room (e.g small TV on top, Cable/Satellite box, and Blu-Ray/DVD).



It’s $171.99 + 44.29 = 216.28 at Amazon (from So what’s happened is that Woot’s deals have gotten even better!

This unit looks very solid - not a bad price at all.