OmniMount 3 Shelf Audio / Video Tower Stand

do not want.


I can put my mp3 player on this.

in for 10!!!

I’m a halfling wizard wearing cloth armor, so I should be good for this.

A shelf for all of my headphones and mice!

YAAAAY I can put all my computer mice and headsets on this. SWEET!

My video won’t stand for this!

$155 at amazon. I bought it and it holds my 32" Toshiba, PS3 and Router

Looks like there’s no bag of crap today! Time to head home safely.

Tower Of Crap…or crappy tower

no thanks

Can this be wall mounted?

I don’t know you might need two of these to store all of it.

Will my mice work on this?
how about my headphones?

Somebody bought 3 of these? O_o

I bought this for ~$120 online about 3 years ago and I was impressed with its build quality. The steel is very sturdy with attractive powdercoat/paint (not sure which) and the glass is thick, hearty stuff. It’s very heavy…that’s either a pro or a con. I’d definitely get this again if I needed to replace ours.

BTW, it does not play Doom, or Crysis, and it will most likely not blend.

Great deal $150-299 elswhere

boc right after this one. prove me wrong!

It supports 50 lbs, yet weighs 76 lbs. So it’s saying it can’t even support itself?!?!