Omnimount 3-Shelf Component Tower

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Omnimount 3-Shelf Component Tower
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is woot’s way of telling me it is now bedtime.

20" wide base? how is that possibly “recommended” for large flat screen tv’s?

Might be useful to organize the retro consoles we have. Or the next gen. Not sure yet.

WoW! this is $300 at Amazon ( There must be something wrong with these if they are only $60.

oh god there’s tons.

I like how the first two comments are opposites of one another… is this going into a day 2 you think?

just gotta say argh

are the shelves even attached?

I don’t think they’re trying to say: “put the TV on it”. I think they mean put this under your TV mount to hold that stuff you’ve got wired to it sitting on the floor.

If you don’t mind fearing for your wallet everytime someone walks by it.

This is a heck of a deal. Makes me wish I needed one…

You must be from Nebraska.

Would look nice next to the 42’ Silo (working perfectly) I picked up from Woot a while ago. I have something very similar on the wall next to another wall-mounted TV and it cleans it up well. It is not a great deal (you can find similar items around the same price) but overall not a bad one.

I like this thing a lot, but I don’t have that kind of money to spend on something that I don’t really really need… Wait what’s that? Amazon is having a sale on pet rocks!!! I be right there with my debit card ready! ^_~

Perfect for die hard Trekkies to set-up their tri-level/3 dimensional chess sets.

I had the 4-shelf version of this and hung it up on the wall (not that difficult with a big enough bolt, it’s got holes in the back and it’s very sturdy) I loved it, and paid nearly 4x this much for mine.