OmniMount 4 Shelf Grey Audio Tower Stand

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OmniMount 4 Shelf Grey Audio Tower Stand
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 OmniMount LA4G Grey Audio Tower Stand - 4 Shelf

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back to work

Off work in a hour odds that it sells out 0%

someone buy itttt

4 hours and still nothing from Excalibur?

That funny ladder doesn’t look very sturdy…

i would actually get this if it was in black

Can ALWAYS use one of these… great price too. With a bajillion video game systems, Tivo’s, books… etc… yup, I’m in for one. Can’t beat the $5 shipping for something this heavy.

It’s actually a good price if you’re looking for something like this.

A can of paint and voila! It’s black!

I missed out on the tripod because I was trying to find out if it was a good deal. Oh well.

I’ll pass on this shelf stand thingy. I don’t like glass tables, shelves, or whatever.

It’s so hard to keep the glass clean and the surface shows dust a few seconds after cleaning the glass. (Dust is mostly flaking skin, but still, it shows quick on glass. So thanks, but no thanks).

Aren’t all non-assembled items?

It’s way too early in the morning and in the woot-off for you to be a whiner, dude. Put on your chill-out hat.

yeah, this will come to you with at least one broken glass shelf or a big ole scratch on a leg.

Oh great, shelving… just what we all needed.

Manf website

Note that the shelf doesn’t seem to be listed on the manufacturer’s own website - possibly a discontinued model? Newegg has a record of it but lists it as “Deactivated.”

70 bucks?! I was thinking I’d pay 40 bucks at best, but then I thought… who would trust their equipment to a $40 stand?! Okay, you got me, 70 bucks sounds cool.


I think this one is going to be my kryptonite. Goodnight Woot.

I think this is the same one.

I have today off, so I’m really hoping for a tablet and a monopod in this wootoff. [hops around with fingers crossed!]