OmniMount 4 Shelf Grey Audio Tower Stand

Don’t they use these to play Chess on Star Trek?!
(Yes, I know it’s Tri-Level…but I’m bored)


22 x 43 x 26 in.? just when I said I have everything I need ! woot you throw this at me.? I think I’m going to jump.

You know…it looks like they just Gutted a Refrigerator!

I am up all night writing a magazine article that’s due at 8:00 am PDT.

And I have some extra $ in the account.

All in all a bad combo for a condo and basement loaded wall to wall with Woot boxes.

Sigh… no rest for the weary.

It would make your work a lot easier if the article was made up of Woot! comments!! Could be a fun article!

Be looking forward to seeing you on the next Hoarders TV show.

The OmniMount 4 Shelf Grey Audio Towers slowly marched across the land…their shelves glistening in the mid-day sun. One by one, the glass shelves shifted, and fell, exploding like glass pancakes upon themselves, until the Grey Towers were bare and alone.
Their numbers fell…till there were none.
Next Woot!


I just spent $700 on cosplay stuff… well… $225 of that went to cosplay outfitting… the other $475 went to buying materials and equipment for wood working to build a wooden sword for cosplay… among other things…

Sorry Woot… I don’t think I can spend any more money at the moment. >_<

Sadly you don’t know how correct you are.

My GF saw an episode and we both agree I fit the mold.

But I am getting rid of everything unnecessary this holiday season (so I have been saying for five years now).

I mean it this time. (So I have been saying for the past four years).

No really. (So I have been saying for the past two years).

I give up. But it’s all good stuff. LOL.

Theme day? This description seems kinda like the last one, but I guess not really.

But wouldn’t it be cool if Woot told a single epic tale via all the item descriptions in a Woot-Off?

Do you need a shelf to house all that stuff? The cable holes can function as sword holders!

I’m still trying to figure This out…I moved from an 1100sq st house into a 1979 sq ft house, and I don’t have Room for Everything that was in the smaller house! Was in that place for 28 years, so had it Nailed! Now, nothing makes sense! I know your pain!

Step one: recycle the boxes.

lol reading a couple of reviews, this thing retailed at 150. it’s deactivated everywhere, though (newegg, amazon, etc). weighs 65 pounds and can support 50. was seriously thinking about getting it until i saw the weight limit

also a lot of people seemed to complain about the material - both what its constructed with and the finish

[edit]…then again it is an audio stand…i was thinking more of using it for books and crap…

[edit] weighs 53, not 65 =x. i shuold get some sleep

ok ok wait for the bucky balls better than a bag of carrots but i am up for next 3 days

While browsing the netflix new TV releases, I come across Hoarders, season 1.

Required watching for all wooters? lol

That’s 50 pounds per shelf. Although still not enough for my Pioneer SX1250.

Watch? We’re the stars of the show.

Each shelf holds 50 pounds – that totals 200 pounds.

Edit: halnwheels beat me to it.

I love that show…after every episode I’m inspired to take the recycling out and find at least one item to add to the growing “to donate” pile in my bedroom. Someday I’ll actually shift the “to donate” pile to the car and drive it around for a few weeks before I finally take it to Goodwill. Either that or it will fall over and crush me while I sleep.